Your Pool

Each year, we rely on generous families who are passionate about the ISR mission to provide a hosting pool for lessons.

Hosting locations benefit from the following:

  • Host families host lessons at their home for 2-3 hours per day (Monday through Friday).
  • Host families can invite friends to participate in lessons and / or we can advertise for you and offer lessons at your home to other families.  Only a host’s address is shared with REGISTERED students; no other identifying information is shared (e.g. host name).
  • Instructors can teach 6 children in one hour of lessons; so for a 2-3 hour hosting you are looking at 12-18 students.  Students are not there all at one time; each lesson is 10-minutes long.
  • Host families receive one child’s lessons for free and pay 1/2 of the weekly tuition cost for each additional sibling.
  • Pools do need the ability to be heated to 86 degrees.
  • Instructors do provide liability insurance.

We are also available to teach out of public aquatic centers, schools, community facilities.  If you have such a location for us to consider, you would need to submit approval from your facility to us along with the contact person, location address and a contact phone number.

From time-to-time throughout the year, there might be a need for an additional pool location so please check our locations to verify the need.  Otherwise, feel free to send us your full address and phone number to be included in our database for location selection for the upcoming year.